Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Attendance

If I am over 18, do I need a parent/guardian to call in my absence?

Yes, you need a parent/guardian to call within 24 hours for your absence unless you are 21 years of age or a Red Rocks Community College student.

Why do I need to call the instructor and the attendance line when I am absent?

Once your parent/guardian calls the attendance line, your absence becomes 'excused'. Warren Tech Central, Warren Tech North, and Warren Tech South's programs meet the industry standards in an actual workplace and students are expected to meet the employee standards. The student calls their program instructor for an absence as they would do at a job.

I know future dates that I will be absent from school. What should I do?

All campuses have a Pre Arranged Absence Form that the student needs to fill out prior to being gone for an extended amount of time* and have their parents/guardians sign. The student then will give the form to their instructor. The future dates will be marked as excused absences.

  *One day absences do not require a Pre Arranged Absence Form. Please call in to excuse single days absent.

My student will be at their home school for testing (CSAP, ACT) or other school related activities for the day. Do I need to call them out on the attendance line?

Yes. Students attend Warren Tech from many different 'home' schools and each of those schools may have different testing times. With so many variables, it is impossible for us to know which student from which school is gone which time, so we depend upon parents/guardians to call the attendance line.