Want to dig in the soil? Learn how to help plants grow? Are you fascinated by the living, ecological relationships around you? Want to learn how our community gets its fresh food?

Horticulture provides students with hands-on agriculture experience and education. Warren Tech’s two acre urban farm, ACRES, is the perfect classroom to learn about and grow vegetables, fruit, flowers, and herbs.

Students will deepen their understanding of horticulture through a focus on soil science, food crops, greenhouse and nursery production, and farm business management. The program introduces students to various horticultural and agricultural crops, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, medicinal and culinary herbs, flowers, and grains. Students dive into how our community relies on local farms, greenhouses, and hydroponics to feed it, as well as the importance of sustainability as we look to the future of plants and food.


📍Warren Tech Central

FRCC Credit Available

🎓 2 Semesters

  • Classroom is a two acre urban farm on Central Campus

  • Focus on Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, and Herbs

  • Greenhouse, Hydroponic, and Outdoor Production

  • Sustainable and Organic Practices to Support Restaurants, Farmers, and Community Supported Agriculture Memberships (CSAs)

  • Classroom Labs and Field Experiments

  • Greenhouse Management, Soil Ecology, and Plant Biology