Are you fascinated by TV crime shows? Do you show good judgment in stressful situations? Do you enjoy working as part of a collaborative team? Do you dream of working as a police officer, a crime scene investigator, a prosecutor or defense attorney, a victims’ advocate or a judge?

Criminal Justice is designed for students interested in a career in law enforcement, investigations, dispatch, corrections, victim services, probation or other related careers. This program provides an opportunity to explore the many careers available within this growing area. Class topics include basic constitutional and criminal law, criminal procedures, judicial process, law enforcement, juvenile justice, safety and self-defense, victim advocacy, and traffic accident and crime scene investigation. This program is for the serious student who is interested in pursuing post-secondary education in criminal justice.

📍Warren Tech North

🎓 2 Semesters

Red Rocks Community College  Credit Available

  • Agencies and Processes involved in the Criminal Justice System

  • Criminal Law Procedures and Due Process

  • Criminal Investigation Procedures

  • Evidence Collection Process

  • Judicial Process and Courtroom Personnel

  • Law Enforcement Procedures

  • Juvenile Justice

  • Criminal Profiles and Characteristics

  • Handcuffing and Arrest Procedures

  • Patrol and Traffic Accident Investigations

  • Crime Victimization and Victim Advocacy

  • BLS CPR/AED Certification